Posted on February 18 2013 | Category Interns

Mondays sometimes are full of stress, the feeling of being overwhelmed, and doubt. These three things make it easy for the enemy to creep in and reveal to us insecurities and uncertainties. With this being my freshman year of college, balancing academics with friends, organizations, and quiet time really made itself to be a hefty task. I had always thought I was pretty good at time management in high school when in fact college most definitely rocked my world. There were suddenly so many options: join this sorority, come visit this church, try out this restaurant. But, as He always does and never fails to do, the Lord’s provision prevailed and somehow, I pulled an above average GPA, was given the amazing opportunity to join this inspirational Imani team, and will soon be placed on a YoungLife team. I’ve learned that although I am residing in College Station, Texas to get a wonderful education, God is my number one priority at all times. He will take care of everything else as long as my heart is centered on Him. At YoungLife training yesterday, a current leader said that people make time for the things that they love and believe in. This week, spend time with our Father because He just wants to sit with you, laugh, rejoice, and show you all that He has to offer. You do have time; you always have time to be still with Him. I pray that you will cherish that quiet time and that it will overflow all other things in your life.


Much love,


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